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SIDRA5042 - Registered Dietetic Technician - Future Vacancy

Department: Allied Health Div
Division: Support Services Dept
Contract Type: Full Time
Closing Date: 08-Apr-2021
Organizational Profile:

Sidra Medicine is a state of the art academic medical center that will function to the level of the highest international standards. Its clinical focus is on the specialty care of women and children.

Sidra’s Vision is: “Sidra Medicine will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top medical centers in the world”.

Achieving this vision will encompass three essential activities:

World Class: Patient and Family Centered Care Health Education Biomedical Discovery

Department Profile:

The Allied Health Department is a diverse mix of professions and services working together to provide patients with the comprehensive care that they require. Allied Health will provide services to neonatal, pediatric and adolescent patients of all specialties, as well as obstetrical and gynecological patients.

The vision of the Department of Allied Health is to provide outstanding care, rehabilitation, and patient/ family support through the provision of high quality clinicians and services working in an interdisciplinary environment that integrates education, research, and innovation into its model of care.


Job Summary:

The Registered Dietetic Technician provides food and nutrition services to patients within his/hers individual scope of practice and demonstrated competence, under the supervision of a registered dietitian. Utilizes the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT) to assist with assessing nutrition status and developing and implementing nutrition care plans for patients at nutrition risk. The incumbent provides nutrition education and counseling to patients, families and the community as assigned. S/he applies evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines, instructional etchings and tools. 

Key Roles & Responsibilities:
Nutrition assessment 
• Assists with or initiates data collection as directed by the RD or as per standard operating procedures, and begins documenting elements of the nutrition assessment for finalization by the RD. Systematically collects and records relevant data from patients, clients, family members, caregivers, and other individuals and groups. 
• Utilizes food-/nutrition-related history; anthropometric measurements; biochemical data, medical tests, and procedures; nutrition focused physical findings, and clients’ history to determine factors affecting nutrition and health status. 
• Organizes and categorizes the data in a meaningful framework that documents nutrition assessment parameters. 
Nutrition Diagnosis 
• Per RD – assigned task, communicates and provides input to the RD, when applicable, to assist in identifying a nutrition problem that can be resolved or improved through treatment / nutrition intervention. 
Nutrition intervention/ Plan of care 
• Implements or oversees standard operation procedures for nutrition intervention based on the nutrition assessment and diagnosis. 
• Assists with implementation of individualized patient /client interventions and education as assigned by the RD.
Nutrition Monitoring 
• Implements or oversees duties performed by the other clinical nutrition or food service staff according to standard operating procedures. 
• Completes, documents, and reports to the RD and others the results and observations of patient -/client – specific assigned monitoring activities. 
Counseling and Education 
• Per standard operating procedure, or as assigned by the RD, provides nutrition counseling and education to patients, families and caregivers, and the community using evidence-based nutrition practice guidelines and appropriate instructional methods and tools. 
• Assists in the education of Nutrition and Dietetic students and Graduate associates.
Meal services
• Conducts calorie counts, assessing adequacy of nutrition intake as requested by the RD. 
• Coordinates specific diet orders/ or meal preferences with the food service division.
Documentation and communication 
• Documents relevant, accurate, and timely information performed in the Nutrition Care Process in the patient’s electronic medical record. 
• Communicates treatment interventions determined by the medical team through interdisciplinary meetings, rounds, medical conferences, and nutrition-related in-services, serves as resource on nutrition issues. 
• Works collaboratively with food service staff and patient supply store.
Accreditation and Regulatory compliance
• Assures that care delivered to each patient is in accordance with local laws and regulations.
• Assists with achieving compliance with The Joint Commission International, Ministry of Public Health to continuously improve both the safety and quality of care for the patients/ client and the organizations overall performance. 
Time Management Functions
• Maintains productivity standards and practices effective time management and prioritizing of tasks.
• Maintains accurate record keeping of daily clinical activities, including information for scheduling and billing.
• Manages resources (time, materials) in a cost-effective manner.
• Participates in the orientation and training of students, dietetic technicians, and new dietitians.
Performance Measurements and Quality Improvement
• Collects specific information and tracks processes, outcomes and structure. Measures initiatives using quantifiable indicators to identify performance and actual results of a program, service, or activity. 
• Participates in continuous quality improvement activities for clinical nutrition services.
• Participates in planning, developing, and implementing nutrition-related policies, procedures, and goals, 
• Conducts in-services and educational presentations for hospital’s/department’s staff.
Professional Development 
• Develops and implements an individualized performance and development plan based on competencies and performance indicators that demonstrate professional growth and development, including active participation in professional organizations, workshops, seminars and staff development programs.
• Continually improves performance to advance knowledge based on self –reflection, applied practice –informed evidence, and feedback from others. 
• Maintains licensing requirements for Qatar Council for Health Care Practitioners.
• Provides clear and consistent written and verbal communication and counseling.
• Communicates comprehensive knowledge and application of nutrition services.
• Communicates clearly and effectively with patients, the public and hospital and medical staff through professional communication, technical writing, and presentations. 
Interpersonal Relations
• Develops and maintains positive and trusted working relationships.
• Addresses customer, client and employer concerns and needs.
• Treats all with respect, dignity and compassion.
Technical knowledge 
• Possesses knowledge of the Nutrition Care Process and Terminology (NCPT) and the ability to apply all steps of the process.
• Demonstrates proficiency in use of technology and its applications, including MS word, processing, nutrients analysis and spreadsheet software. 
Analytical thinking
• Systematically gathers information from the variety of resources and utilizes critical thinking to integrate facts, informed opinions, active listening, and observations. 
• Analyzes information to help identify implications, solutions, and conclusions based on appropriate data. 
• Uses existing procedures, experience, and judgement to solve routine and complex problems. 
Customer focused 
• Demonstrates service excellence and patient-and family centered care by showing respect, honesty, fairness and a positive attitude towards all customers. 
• Strives for high customer satisfaction when working with patients, families, coworkers, other departments, physicians /providers, and the community. 
• Meets customer service needs quickly and effectively; taking action to review and remedy customer complaints. 
• Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies
• Adheres to and promotes Sidra’s Values

In view of the evolving needs and opportunities within Sidra, this position may be required to perform other duties as assigned and reporting relationships may vary.
Essential Requirements:
  • Associates' or Baccalaureate Degree or Diploma (minimum 2 years) in Dietetics, Nutrition, or related field from an accredited program
  • 2+ years of experience as a Dietetic Technician or similar responsibility in a hospital setting
  • Current Dietetic Technician Certification from Country of Origin, or eligible for licensure in Qatar
  • Demonstrated knowledge of dietetic principles and practices including: nutrition, therapeutic diets, food safety and sanitation
  • Demonstrated ability to apply and integrate knowledge and skills into practice
  • Knowledge of record keeping, interviewing and counseling techniques
  • Demonstrates ability to work independently, following directions from Supervisor
  • Demonstrates family-centered care
  • Demonstrated ability to organize time and manage fluctuating clinical responsibilities
  • Evidence of effective oral and written communication skills
  • Effective team member
  • Motivated and enthusiastic
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite
  • Fluency in written and spoken English

Sidra’s Organizational Values:
  • Trust: Being competent; acting consistently, reliably and predictably; acting with honesty and integrity; respecting patient, employee and commercial confidentiality; delivering on commitments
  • Care: Acting with empathy, kindness and compassion; being humble; listening and responding; acting with cultural sensitivity; Caring for patients and staff
  • Teamwork: Sharing information and knowledge and learning from demonstrated expertise; being respectful, and thereby earning respect of others; acting with professionalism; leading and following; collaborating and being accessible
  • Transparency: Frequent and honest communication; open access to information for decision making; willingly acknowledge shortcomings; speaking up about concerns; publishing performance indicators
  • Innovation: Freedom to innovate; welcoming ideas and encouraging creativity; supporting talent; creating confidence; celebrating successes
  • Efficiency: Providing measurable value; using data to drive decision making; having and achieving clear goals; building processes that work; continuously improving outcomes in patient and family care
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