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SIDRA4910 - Clinical Nurse Educator All Specialties (Future)

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Contract Type: Full Time
Closing Date: 19-Sep-2019
Organizational Profile:

Sidra Medicine is a state of the art academic medical center that will function to the level of the highest international standards. Its clinical focus is on the specialty care of women and children.

Sidra’s Vision is: “Sidra Medicine will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top medical centers in the world”.

Achieving this vision will encompass three essential activities:

World Class: Patient and Family Centered Care Health Education Biomedical Discovery


The Department of Nursing Education and Professional Development delivers a range of education, professional development and orientation services to clinicians across Sidra. The department is committed to providing a quality learning environment by aligning competency based education with the requirements of clinical practice inclusive of patient, environmental, and staff needs.  Evidence based curricula that are culturally appropriate, effective and safe will be our hallmark.  Educational delivery will be multi-faceted and based on the needs of the organization/learners.  All educational initiatives will be evaluated to provide information about curricula effectiveness and learner competence to support a culture of patient safety.  Educators will be expected to work closely with clinical leaders and healthcare professionals in the practice setting to identify gaps in health service delivery/education and design/deliver/assess new curriculum. All educators are expected to role model behaviors consistent with the Sidra Organizational/Education Competency Framework.



The Clinical Nurse Educator is a key member of the educational leadership team, supporting both the department’s and the organization’s strategic direction. As a key member, the educator ensures that educational initiatives and processes support the standards for Best Practice, Sidra policies, and regulatory requirements. The educator works collaboratively with respective unit leads in supporting the development, maintenance and advancement of competence in Sidra employees.  The Clinical Nurse Educator provides clinical development and training, formulating and delivering educational programs and assessment of skills and competency. The post holder identifies risks in educational processes, informing leadership and actively participating in managing timely solutions. The post holder develops the unit specific design and delivery of orientation and ongoing clinical education and participates in the development and delivery of institution-wide clinical education initiatives.

  • In collaboration with the Manager – Nursing and Midwifery Education, makes decisions regarding the need for new educational initiatives; the design, delivery and assessment. This is driven by quantitative data reflecting employee competence, the culture of patient safety, and effective family centered care and qualitative data assessing employee/ patient/ family satisfaction, with implications for changes to educational initiatives and assessment criteria, tools, and processes.

  • In collaboration with clinical leads, helps to inform decisions regarding clinical staff performance in their respective practice settings. He/ she participates in the assessment of competence of each clinical staff member, with respective managers or identified clinical leads.

  • Serves as a professional and clinical role model for staff demonstrating behaviors consistent with the organizational/ education competency framework, Sidra values and Sidra policies, procedures and guidelines.

  • Ensures that education is provided in accordance with established guidelines, policies and protocols of Sidra and the State of Qatar to support standards of health service delivery.

  • Works collaboratively and creatively with all team members to achieve divisional/ departmental/ unit service objectives optimizing evidence and relevant research and change theory.

  • Manages resource utilization to secure timely, efficient, accessible and effective education for employees.

  • Continually evaluates learning, making necessary modifications to optimize educational process/ program.

  • Supports quality data collection and analysis as the process of evaluating outcomes; learning, staff/ family centered care and satisfaction, patient/ family outcomes.

  • Collaborates with clinical managers, colleagues, and leadership team to plan, implement and evaluate the educational needs of staff.

  • Initiates changes/ improvements based on educator/ staff feedback.

  • Promotes the effective orientation, precepting and support of new staff and affiliated students in the practice setting; provides a welcoming work environment.

  • Promotes retention of all staff by creating a healthy work environment that facilitates teamwork. Treats colleagues, patients and visitors with dignity and respect at all times. 

  • Contributes, as necessary, to performance appraisals (probationary and annual reviews) with respective clinical leads ensuring evidence is concrete and objective.

  • Develops individual learning plans with clinical leads arising from appraisals as necessary. Provides clear feedback to team members in a manner that is conducive to maintaining and improving performance.

  • Supports Clinical research.

  • Role models conflict resolution when required, promoting evidence based solutions where accessible.

  • Establishes and maintains effective administrative processes related to educational programs and processes.

  • Prepares reports and maintains records of activity and outcomes. Participates in staff meetings.

  • Develops, reviews and revises educational policies and procedures in collaboration with managers as required.

  • Participates in Sidra wide Performance Improvement activities and committees as assigned.

  • Develops and sustains own knowledge, clinical skills and professional awareness and maintains a professional profile.  Provides documented evidence of performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.

  • Supports new Sidra employees and affiliated students with a safe and effective learning environment to support the assessment, development or advancement of competence in the Sidra environment

  • Integrates knowledge of learning theory and curricula design in delivering educational initiatives to meet the needs of Sidra employees and affiliated students.

  • Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Adheres to and promotes Sidra’s Values.

    In view of the evolving needs and opportunities within Sidra, this position may be required to perform other duties as assigned and reporting relationships may vary






  • Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing


  • Registered Nurse


  • For Midwifery must be dually qualified Nurse/Midwife
  • Master’s Degree in Nursing or related health field


  • Certificate / diploma in leadership, education or attendance at a course


  • 5+ years of inpatient/outpatient acute care nursing/midwifery experience
  • 2+ years of recent experience in an educator role or staff development role in an acute care Hospital or as clinical faculty


  • Demonstrated working knowledge of learning theory and curriculum design.
  • 7+ years in relevant practice setting


  • 5+ years’ educator/ manager role experience in an acute care facility

Certification and Licensure

Current Nursing/Midwifery License from country of origin


Professional Membership


Association for Nursing Practice Development

Job Specific Skills and Abilities

  • Knowledge of health education/ health promotion theories and modalities


  • Knowledge and understanding of adult learning principles


  • Knowledge of evidence-based practice, research, and ability to evaluate learning outcomes


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


  • Demonstrated commitment to continuing education to improve teaching practices that facilitate learning


  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite


  • Fluency in written and spoken English
Sidra’s Organizational Values:
  • Trust: Being competent; acting consistently, reliably and predictably; acting with honesty and integrity; respecting patient, employee and commercial confidentiality; delivering on commitments
  • Care: Acting with empathy, kindness and compassion; being humble; listening and responding; acting with cultural sensitivity; Caring for patients and staff
  • Teamwork: Sharing information and knowledge and learning from demonstrated expertise; being respectful, and thereby earning respect of others; acting with professionalism; leading and following; collaborating and being accessible
  • Transparency: Frequent and honest communication; open access to information for decision making; willingly acknowledge shortcomings; speaking up about concerns; publishing performance indicators
  • Innovation: Freedom to innovate; welcoming ideas and encouraging creativity; supporting talent; creating confidence; celebrating successes
  • Efficiency: Providing measurable value; using data to drive decision making; having and achieving clear goals; building processes that work; continuously improving outcomes in patient and family care
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