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Job Details

SIDRA4797 - Division Chief – Ophthalmology

Department: Ophthalmology Div
Division: Surgery Dept
Contract Type: Full Time
Closing Date: 30-Jun-2019
Organizational Profile:

Sidra Medicine is a state of the art academic medical center that will function to the level of the highest international standards. Its clinical focus is on the specialty care of women and children.

Sidra’s Vision is: “Sidra Medicine will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top medical centers in the world”.

Achieving this vision will encompass three essential activities:

World Class: Patient and Family Centered Care Health Education Biomedical Discovery


Sidra Medicine’s Department of Surgery will provide world class excellence in clinical care, teaching and biomedical research for the women and children of Qatar.  The Department of Surgery coordinates its surgical services with Hamad Medical Corporation and collaborates in research and educational activity with Weill Cornell Medical College - Qatar.  The level of national interest and support in medical quality, education, innovative research and technology has already resulted in significant discoveries and highly functional research organizations that will collaborate with Sidra. The Department of Surgery at Sidra Medicine offers a comprehensive range of routine and advanced Surgical Services for women and children, equipped with state of the art technology in a completely digital hospital environment. The Department of Surgery  is made up of the following  services, delivered in accordance with best practice standards whilst  being driven  by clinical evidence methodologies, in a patient-centered, highly collaborative environment: in the pediatric population: General and Thoracic Surgery,  Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Otolaryngologic Surgery, Ophthalmologic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Dental Surgery, Neurosurgery, and Urology.  In addition, surgical treatment for acute gynecological surgical conditions will be provided. Within each of these subspecialties, care for the spectrum of diseases seen in the pediatric population will be provided. A specific goal of the department is to conduct research into the surgically treated diseases seen in Qatar, evaluating both the pathophysiology and treatments. The Department will evaluate and provide novel and upcoming therapies to our patients and participate in the development of new technologies. The department will provide leadership and faculty for the teaching of medical students, residents and advanced trainees, so that Sidra becomes a leader in the education of surgeons for the future. It is anticipated that, by providing specialist and subspecialist expertise in an integrated team environment and concomitantly conducting research, Sidra will become a substantive referral center for patients within and outside Qatar


Reporting to the Clinical Chief of Surgery, The Division Chief provides clinical, educational, research and executive management l leadership for Pediatric Ophthalmology.  He or She will be a clinical and managerial leader working with the Surgery executive team to develop and deliver strategy and business plans and be accountable for resources and performance in providing ophthalmologic surgery for children. In conjunction with cross-disciplinary teams, the Division chief will integrate research and education priorities into a program of excellent clinical service delivery. 
The primary goal of the Division Chief will be to coordinate the provision of care for children requiring Ophthalmologic care and surgery. S/he will function as the leader of the Pediatric Ophthalmologists and will be a leader of the multidisciplinary teams involved in the ca re of these patients. This will include the neuro-developmental, neurofibromatosis, genetics, craniofacial, trauma, and oncology care teams. Provision will be made for the development of corneal care clinics, as the need increases.
The primary disease entities that the service will care for are:  retinopathy of prematurity, eyelid deformities and lid lesions, orbital  dermoid tumors, orbital cellulitis, congenital corneal malformations, congenital cataract, congenital glaucoma,  neurofibromatosis, genetic disorders, retinal  dystrophies, strabismus  and neuro-occular lesions, intra  occular tumors a and idiopathic intracranial l hypertension.
The individual occupying this position reports directly to the Clinical Chief and works cooperatively with the surgical team, department staff and other stakeholders, including allied health specialists, referring clinicians and patients.
The Division Chief is responsible for ensuring a high standard of service is continually provided to all patients, their families and other hospital staff as prescribed in the patient ca re and facility standards set down by Sidra Medicine. This includes ensuring that the clinical services required are available, with appropriate call coverage, and that clinic and OR resources are managed efficiently.
The Division Chief is broadly responsible for developing the skill sets and human capital of the surgical and allied health staff of the care teams supervised. Specifically, she will provide mentor-ship and career development support for the Ophthalmologic Surgeons within the Division including the development of clinical, teaching, research and administrative expertise by this group. The Division Chief is responsible for ensuring that appropriate monitoring of the quality of the surgical care provided is done, including participation in Department wide initiatives such as the National Surgical Quality Improvement Project (NSQIP). The Division Chief is also responsible for identifying problems if they should ensue, and developing effective strategies for improving and optimizing outcomes on a continual basis.
The Division Chief will have a full-time appointment to Weill Cornell Medical College- Qatar.   It is expected that the Division Chief will work collaboratively with the Medical School, to provide teaching support for instruction regarding the ophthalmologic curriculum (both general and pediatric specific) by the members of the division for the undergraduate medical students and surgical residents as required for an ACGME curriculum. The Division Chief will be expected to perform research or pursue approved academic initiatives during dedicated academic time, which will be provided every week.

  • In conjunction with the Clinical Chief, identifies and articulates the vision, strategic direction. and growth of  the  Division  of  Pediatric Ophthalmologic  Surgery  and leads   the  implementation  of strategies  to achieve them.
  • Promotes a culture of excellent efficient and quality service delivery in a congenial, supportive, collaborative and equitable environment. Works collaboratively with other division chiefs, directors and all other division staff to ensure that cohesive cross functional teams are developed.
  • Leads  clinical service  planning, service  development and capacity planning for  the  division  - specifically, working closely with anesthesia  and the surgical executive to develop the patient care capacity required to  safely and efficiently provide the  full spectrum of  pediatric ophthalmologic procedures required by  the Sidra-Hamad Joint Pediatric  Program.   This includes the intraoperative environment and instrumentation, surgical and diagnostic equipment scheduling, and inpatient and outpatient care pathways.
  • Develops and implements the policies and procedures required to guide and support the provision of pediatric ophthalmologic services for the Sidra-Hamad Joint Pediatric Program.
  • Develops and provides leadership of the multi-disciplinary teams required for optimal care of the Ophthalmologic Surgical patient population.  This will include the development of non-physician care providers within the Ophthalmology care team. The divisional leader will be responsible for the administrative reporting   structures,   ongoing professional   assessment   and   professional development of this important component of the team.
  • Responsible for ensuring that appropriate monitoring of the quality of the ophthalmology care provided is done including participation in Department wide initiatives such as the National Surgical Quality Improvement Project (NSQIP). The Division Chief is also responsible for identifying problems if they should ensue and developing effective strategies for improving and optimizing outcomes on a continual basis
  • Provides  monitoring of  the  professional  performance of  all  individuals in  the  Division who have clinical privilege including ongoing and focused professional  practice  evaluations (OPPE and FPPE). Ensures that division members participate in ongoing maintenance of competence programs that follows  recognized standards.
  • Promotes leadership and direction for the development of strategies for the recruitment, retention, and direct mission of excellence for the Division and the medical staff in general. Collaborates with the Clinical Chief to execute the strategies.
  • Promotes mentorship and academic career development for Division members.
  • Responsible for all administrative related activities of the Division unless otherwise provided for by the hospital and ensures divisional representation on all requested committees
  • Ensures that  the  staff  of  the Division provides services  that  are  in compliance with  all applicable standards and requirements of the Joint Commission International, Qatar Supreme Health Council and all other applicable regulatory bodies.
  • Participates with the Clinical Chief in creating and managing budgets for the Division.
  • Makes recommendations for the purchase of capital and other equipment and participates in the evaluation of  products for  use by  different members of  the  Division to  ensure  their  safety  and efficacy.
  • Sets and achieves targets to drive continuous assessment and improvement of the quality of care and services provided and initiates actions for necessary improvements according to Sidra Board initiatives.
  • Works with  the  Chief  of  Service  to  establish  and update call  coverage for  consultative and operative care of the pediatric population requiring Ophthalmology care  and assures that  there is appropriate clinical coverage for all patients requiring care from the Division (including emergency care) for the Sidra-Hamad Joint Pediatric Program.
  • Ensures all members of the Division optimize the use of electronic medical records.
  • In conjunction with the Chief  of Service ensures the implementation of robust  clinical governance structures and processes to ensure patient safety.
  • In collaboration with  Weill Cornell  Medical College-Qatar, works  to provide teaching support by  the  members of  the  division  for  the  undergraduate medical students  and surgical  residents  as required for  pediatric and general   ophthalmology instruction following an ACGME curriculum. Provides divisional support for programs to mentor and support students.
  • In conjunction with  the  Chief  Research  Officer  and Departmental Head of  Research, ensures a program of clinical and translational research is developed, promoted and delivered within the Division.
  • Is actively involved in research, graduate teaching, and publication in higher impact refereed journals.
  • Ensures effective communication with and involvement of all staff within the division in regards to key decisions and initiatives.
  • Participates in programs designed to foster positive relations between physicians and the hospital operations and administration.
  • Assists with marketing strategies to inform physicians, their staff and the public of Sidra's Pediatric
  • Surgical Programs, services and resources.
  • Promotes and evaluates physician community outreach programs as appropriate.
  • Identifies and coordinates resolution of problems to improve physician utilization and patient satisfaction.
  • Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies
  • Adheres to and promotes Sidra’s Values


  • MD degree
  • Residency training in Specialty area Ophthalmology  Surgery 
  • Sub-specialty Fellowship in Pediatric Ophthalmology Surgery  (or equivalent training )


  • 10+ years post-residency clinical experience in the relevant field from a North American Academic/ Health care  Institution  or equivalent in UK, Republic of Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.
  • 3+ years in Academic leadership in area of specialty


  • Valid professional License in the country of origin or country of practice in the specialty area
Job Specific Skills and Abilities

• Skilled in management and administrative functions
• Extensive functional knowledge and clinical experience in performing pediatric ophthalmology surgery 
• Demonstrated capacity to participate in multidisciplinary teams
• Demonstrated capacity to provide leadership of teaching programs to medical students, residents, and allied health care personnel 
• Demonstrated staff and resource management skills
• Capability to work in a digital EMR environment
• Demonstrated strong analytical and decision making skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite
• Fluency in written and spoken English
Sidra’s Organizational Values:
  • Trust: Being competent; acting consistently, reliably and predictably; acting with honesty and integrity; respecting patient, employee and commercial confidentiality; delivering on commitments
  • Care: Acting with empathy, kindness and compassion; being humble; listening and responding; acting with cultural sensitivity; Caring for patients and staff
  • Teamwork: Sharing information and knowledge and learning from demonstrated expertise; being respectful, and thereby earning respect of others; acting with professionalism; leading and following; collaborating and being accessible
  • Transparency: Frequent and honest communication; open access to information for decision making; willingly acknowledge shortcomings; speaking up about concerns; publishing performance indicators
  • Innovation: Freedom to innovate; welcoming ideas and encouraging creativity; supporting talent; creating confidence; celebrating successes
  • Efficiency: Providing measurable value; using data to drive decision making; having and achieving clear goals; building processes that work; continuously improving outcomes in patient and family care
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