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Job Details

SIDRA4715 - Clinical Nurse Manager – Clinical Education and Practice Development

Department: Multiple
Division: Multiple
Contract Type: Full Time
Closing Date: 08-Nov-2018
Organizational Profile:

Sidra Medicine is a state of the art academic medical center that will function to the level of the highest international standards. Its clinical focus is on the specialty care of women and children.

Sidra’s Vision is: “Sidra Medicine will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top medical centers in the world”.

Achieving this vision will encompass three essential activities:

World Class: Patient and Family Centered Care Health Education Biomedical Discovery


The Department of Nursing Education and Professional Development delivers a range of education, professional development and orientation services to clinicians across Sidra. The department is committed to providing a quality learning environment by aligning competency based education with the requirements of clinical practice inclusive of patient, environmental, and staff needs.  Evidence based curricula that are culturally appropriate, effective and safe will be our hallmark.  Educational delivery will be multi-faceted and based on the needs of the organization/learners.  All educational initiatives will be evaluated to provide information about curricula effectiveness and learner competence to support a culture of patient safety.  Educators will be expected to work closely with clinical leaders and healthcare professionals in the practice setting to identify gaps in health service delivery/education and design/deliver/assess new curriculum. All educators are expected to role model behaviors consistent with the Sidra Organizational/Education Competency Framework.


The Clinical Nurse Manager - Clinical Education and Practice Development supports a proactive and coordinated approach to ensure that Nurses and Midwives are empowered enabled and facilitated to develop and advance their practice to improve the overall quality of nursing / midwifery care in line with

  • Sidra Nursing policies, standards, guidelines and quality and improvement processes.

  • Accreditation body requirements

  • National and International nursing policy

  • Required technical competence for nursing role

  • Evidence based practice

  • Research

  • Stakeholder feedback

The Clinical Nurse Manager contributes towards development and review of nursing policies, procedures and guidelines and is responsible for: implementing strategies for changes in practices, accreditation standards, implementing innovative practices, policy or procedural changes, evidence based research reviews, patient and staff feedback and to ensure national and international health care strategies are implemented by the workforce to deliver high quality, safe and effective care.


  •  Leads on development, implementation and review of nursing professional code of conduct and nursing professional standards.
  •  Contributes towards development, implementation and review of nursing policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Leads on the development and ongoing review of the framework for technical competence for nursing.

  • Assesses nursing practice development needs and devises annual nursing practice development objectives and plan.

  • Works collaboratively with manager EBP to ensure evidence translates to practice.

  • Works collaboratively with research teams to ensure research findings are implemented into practice.

  • Works collaboratively with quality and safety teams to ensure quality improvement initiatives are integrated into nursing practice.

  • Works collaboratively with national development, outreach and scholarship teams and local higher education institution partners to facilitate development of career framework and practice development initiatives for new graduate and post graduate Qatari National nurses.

  • Serves as the executive nursing council link to legal and compliance teams and works collaboratively with legal and compliance teams to ensure nursing compliance with legal and policy obligations.

  • Works collaboratively with education and simulation teams to ensure nursing education and development needs are assessed, planned and delivered in line with operational strategy.   

  • Promotes a culture of continuous learning and development within the organization.

  • Facilitates a variety of learning and development activities focused on developing the workforce to deliver high quality, safe and effective services, in collaboration with the education and simulation teams.

  • Ensures nursing is represented in the development of research capacity building frameworks which could support structures and processes to enhance scholarly inquiry within the Family Centered Services Nursing Branch.

  • Develops tools and templates to track nursing research initiatives and achievements.

  • In collaboration with the clinical nursing teams and clinical education team, builds research capacity by developing research skill sets via ongoing consultation within the nursing teams.

  • Actively participates in the education and development of staff awareness surrounding ethics and ethical application during the conduct of research conduction via in-service, bulletins and ongoing consultation in collaboration with the education and research teams.

  • Offers support and advice to nursing staff interested in clinical practice and outcome research, translational science and evidence-based practice.

  • Implements best practice methodologies in coordination with national and international industry standards

  • Contributes to the diffusion and spread of innovative approaches to care, in collaboration with the Evidence Based Healthcare team and Quality department.

  • Ensures that systems and processes are in place to manage learning and development records, in collaboration with the Learning and Development department.

  • Understands the applicable laws and regulations that apply to nurses and nursing practice in Qatar.

  • Manages and analyses practice requirements in collaboration with service providers.

  • Participates in Sidra wide Performance Improvement activities and committees as assigned.

  • Provides updates to nursing staff of any missing or incorrect practice information in a timely manner.

  • Maintains compliance with regulatory and accrediting bodies.

  • Collaborates with the Learning and Development department to ensure the appropriate selection, orientation, training and performance evaluation of staff.

  • Builds effective relationships within Sidra and maintains effective ongoing communication with stakeholders.

  • Develops and implements programs and long range plans to meet agreed objectives and targets as and when required.

  • Develops robust quality, innovative and productivity plans on an annual basis, ensuring there is a strong project plan in place to support delivery of key operational targets.

  • Creates an environment within nursing that emphasizes the need to learn from the results of patient family and staff surveys and risk management systems to ensure high standards and safe quality care.

  • Supports and empowers an integrated, interprofessional infrastructure for evidence-based healthcare thereby providing the opportunity to continuously update clinical practice based on recent advances in healthcare research.

  • Builds trusting, collaborative relationships with the interprofessional teams, and the Supreme Council of Health.

  • Manages problematic incidents / complaints by effective and timely investigation ensuring lessons learnt are effectively communicated.

  • Communicates effectively with all staff in a manner consistent with their level of understanding, culture and background proactively seeking out solutions to improve communications and teamwork.

  • Participates in staff orientation aimed at developing competence and performance.

  • Develops and sustains own knowledge, skills and professional awareness and maintains a professional profile. 

  • Provides documented evidence of performance and maintenance of skills consistent with position.

  • Participates in research.

  • Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Adheres to and promotes Sidra’s Values.




  • Master’s degree in Nursing, Education or related Health field


  • Certificate/diploma in leadership, education or attendance at a course




  • 7+ years of progressive Clinical Nursing management experience in Women’s or Children’s nursing management in an acute hospital setting in a North American Academic Institution or equivalent in UK, Republic of Ireland, EU States, South Africa, Australia or New Zealand inclusive of 2+ years’ experience as a clinical nurse in practice in clinical patient care role.
  • Experience working in a role of Clinical Nurse in practice development in the past year.


  • 5+ years clinical hospital experience in pediatrics, OB/GYN or ICU preferred


Certification and Licensure:

  • Valid registered Nurse License from country of origin


Job Specific Skills and Abilities:

  • Demonstrated experience with clinical information systems either as an end user, super user or build contributor.

  • Demonstrated experience with handling large budgets.

  • Demonstrated ability to engage in concentrated reading and analysis

  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively as interdisciplinary team member and independently to meet deadlines.

  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible to meet priority needs

  • Effective presentation skills, both oral and written, adjusting delivery to target audience

  • Demonstrated skills in the facilitation of group discussion, dialogue and consensus process

  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite

  • Fluency in written and spoken English


Sidra’s Organizational Values:
  • Trust: Being competent; acting consistently, reliably and predictably; acting with honesty and integrity; respecting patient, employee and commercial confidentiality; delivering on commitments
  • Care: Acting with empathy, kindness and compassion; being humble; listening and responding; acting with cultural sensitivity; Caring for patients and staff
  • Teamwork: Sharing information and knowledge and learning from demonstrated expertise; being respectful, and thereby earning respect of others; acting with professionalism; leading and following; collaborating and being accessible
  • Transparency: Frequent and honest communication; open access to information for decision making; willingly acknowledge shortcomings; speaking up about concerns; publishing performance indicators
  • Innovation: Freedom to innovate; welcoming ideas and encouraging creativity; supporting talent; creating confidence; celebrating successes
  • Efficiency: Providing measurable value; using data to drive decision making; having and achieving clear goals; building processes that work; continuously improving outcomes in patient and family care
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