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Job Details

SIDRA4676 - Executive Director - Nursing & Perioperative Support Services

Department: Nursing Operations Div
Division: Family Centered Services Dept
Contract Type: Full Time
Closing Date: 25-Aug-2018
Organizational Profile:

Sidra Medicine is a state of the art academic medical center that will function to the level of the highest international standards. Its clinical focus is on the specialty care of women and children.

Sidra’s Vision is: “Sidra Medicine will be a beacon of learning, discovery and exceptional care, ranked among the top medical centers in the world”.

Achieving this vision will encompass three essential activities:

World Class: Patient and Family Centered Care Health Education Biomedical Discovery

Once fully operational by mid-2018, Sidra Medicine will handle 275,000 outpatient appointments, 11,000 procedures, 100,000 emergency attendances and deliver over 9,000 babies per year, adding capacity to a rapidly growing population and delivering world-class specialist care.

The hospital will include 10 operating theatres, 400 beds, 100 percent single rooms with a private bathroom, a birthing center and an emergency department.


Our state- of-the-art patient and family-centered services serve both children, women and their families.  Our experienced and talented people operate within an interdisciplinary model of care supported by the best evidence-based world class technology.

The different clinical management groups and corporate functions work collaboratively to provide optimal care in a high-performing environment where patient and family outcomes and family and employee satisfaction are core values.  An integral part of each unit’s profile is the delivery of services with an emphasis on research, education, quality improvement, high performance and patient and family safety.


The Executive Director - Nursing provides high level nursing leadership, strategic direction and advocacy in the clinical management group at Sidra Medical and Research Center.  Reporting to the Executive Chair, the Executive Director - Nursing is responsible for providing professional nursing  and managerial leadership and ensuring that  established nursing standards  are adhered to in order to deliver safe patient and family focused care. Leadership responsibilities include overseeing recruitment, commissioning, onboarding, orientation and service activation in accordance with Sidra’s plans and timelines. 

The Executive Director - Nursing collaborates with the Executive Director - Finance in the budgeting process, to secure resources and other desired outcomes; the Executive Director - Human Resources on all people matters and the Executive Director – Operations for strategic planning and nursing’s role in operational delivery

The Executive Director - Nursing  is also responsible for ensuring that all recommendations, decisions, directions and actions made and associated with this role are carried out in accordance with and support the strategy, values, guiding principles and nursing standards of Sidra Medical and Research Center.

  • Provides professional and managerial leadership to all nursing staff within the Clinical Management Group. Accountable for all aspects of the nursing workforce performance within the Clinical Management Group including the quality of nursing care, having a fully resourced and appropriately skilled nursing team, ensuring the nursing team and the quality of care meet the professional standards set by the Chief Nursing Officer.

  • Leads the development of strategies to ensure a capable nursing workforce with the appropriate competencies to deliver safe patient and family focused care.

  • Contributes to the Clinical Management Group’s strategic plan. Provides expert and strategic nursing advice and leadership to implement services and developments within the Clinical Management Group.

  •  Translates and cascades corporate objectives across nursing.  Working cooperatively and effectively with team members sets priorities, develops work schedules, monitors progress towards goals and tracks details, data, information and activities.  Addresses any variances and monitors outcomes. 

  • Develops nursing and  key quality performance indicators for Clinical Management Group and holds self and others accountable for actions and outcomes.

  • Continually evaluates the Clinical Management Groups progress with the nursing elements of the strategic plan, providing timely reports and recommendations to the Executive Director - Operations to ensure the Group achieves its objectives and targets.

  • Drives the nursing quality agenda and takes effective action to address any variances.

  • Promotes and utilizes evidence-based healthcare methodology to positively impact patient outcomes.

  • Provides leadership in demonstrating improved patient outcomes through the implementation and evaluation of research into practice.

  • Fosters interprofessional education and care delivery across the Clinical Management Group.

  • Acts as a champion for patients and their families by using patient/family feedback to influence outcomes, policy development and decision making across the Clinical Management Group.

  • Operationally leads and manages large scale complex problems to resolution, including all associated risks, issues and related implications.

  • Acts as a role model in ethical behavior and nursing practices and ensures that own behavior and the behavior of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization.

  • Establishes and maintains positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of the organization. 

  • Ensures human, financial and physical resources within portfolio are utilized effectively and efficiently, ensuring compliance with budget and performance targets.

  • Drives nursing performance development across portfolio. Provides clear feedback to team members in a manner that is consistent with organizational values and conducive to maintaining and improving performance. Counsels and/or disciplines staff as appropriate.

  • Supports recruitment, retention and recognition activities.  Participates in candidate screening and interviewing.  Actively welcomes new staff/students to Group.  Provides mentoring opportunities and supports succession planning in assigned portfolio.

  • Publishes research on behalf of nursing and mentors and supports staff in the development, participation and publication of research endeavors.

  • Represents the Executive Chair or Executive Director colleagues as required.

  • Establishes effective partnerships with both internal and external key stakeholders, local, national and international partners, by communicating with them in a timely, appropriate and effective manner. 

  • Participates in the development and evaluation of Sidra wide and Clinical Management Group policies and procedures.

  • Adheres to Sidra’s standards as they appear in the Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies.

  • Follows all Sidra policies and procedures and guidelines.

This position may be required to perform other duties as assigned and reporting relationships may vary.





  • Master’s Degree in Nursing or a Healthcare related area or MBA


  • Degree or Diploma in Management
  • Registered Nurse




  • PHD Qualification or in the process of


  • 10+ yearsmanagement experience in Nursing Leadership within an accredited healthcare setting, relevant to specific Sidra Clinical Management Group – womens health or childrens


  • Experience of change management


  • Experience handling large budgets


  • Experience in nurse education



  • Experience of working in the Middle East

Certification and Licensure

  • Current Professional License as a Registered Nurse in country of origin.




  • Nursing License from QCHP State of Qatar if required

Professional Membership



Job Specific Skills and Abilities

  • Ability to lead large teams.


  • Ability to develop and implement complex strategies and operate in a challenging environment.


  • Ability to cope with rapid and sustained change, competing demands and tight deadlines.


  • Ability to develop effective relationships with a range of stakeholders internally and externally.


  • Ability to articulate and advocate for patient care standards as published by Qatar’s Ministry of Public Health, other international accreditation bodies, and evidence based professional nursing literature.


  • Demonstrated ability to make oral and written presentations to diverse audiences on health care and organizational issues. Experience with clinical information systems either as an end user, super user or build contributor.


  • Demonstrated resilience and “can-do” attitude.


  • Service improvement delivery and data analysis skills.


  • Ability to adhere to and promote Sidra Values.


  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office suite


  • Fluency in written and spoken English
  •  Evidence of research undertaken
  • Evidence of publications
Sidra’s Organizational Values:
  • Trust: Being competent; acting consistently, reliably and predictably; acting with honesty and integrity; respecting patient, employee and commercial confidentiality; delivering on commitments
  • Care: Acting with empathy, kindness and compassion; being humble; listening and responding; acting with cultural sensitivity; Caring for patients and staff
  • Teamwork: Sharing information and knowledge and learning from demonstrated expertise; being respectful, and thereby earning respect of others; acting with professionalism; leading and following; collaborating and being accessible
  • Transparency: Frequent and honest communication; open access to information for decision making; willingly acknowledge shortcomings; speaking up about concerns; publishing performance indicators
  • Innovation: Freedom to innovate; welcoming ideas and encouraging creativity; supporting talent; creating confidence; celebrating successes
  • Efficiency: Providing measurable value; using data to drive decision making; having and achieving clear goals; building processes that work; continuously improving outcomes in patient and family care
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